When Toby first casually talked with Jibu about our wedding planning saga, Jibu promptly hired himself as our wedding coordinator. It turned out to be the best decision he (Jibu) ever made! Jokes aside, Jibu’s experience helped reassure our Malayalee parents that our wedding day would go smoothly. He delivered on that reassurance and did an amazing job coordinating our rehearsal, Indian Catholic ceremony, and reception. He worked well with our families, kept our intentions in mind, and went above and beyond his call of duty. As we attend other weddings and witness the small hiccups that naturally happen in high-stress situations, we turn to each other and say, “Man, they need that bald man.” People still come up to us and comment on how awesome Jibu was during our wedding; they say it was the “most organized wedding” they’ve attended, and we thank Jibu for his part!