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Live Drums bring the extra bang to your music and party. The blend of various drums and percussion styles from bass, snare, high-hats, to cultural bongos, chenda, dhol, and more… creates a hard-hitting, creative component that really makes the party stand out. Infused with the incredible talents of our DJs on the turntables, it really brings a multi-cultural fusion to whatever music is being played, that anybody will absolutely love to hear!


DoItALL entertainment gives you some of the best DJ’s in the industry. Our DJ’s are guaranteed to make you and your guests have an extraordinary experience. Events from 100 to 10,000 people in attendence, our DJ’s diverse crowds have given us invaluable knowledge into the musicality of every culture. From Hip Hop, to Jazz, to classic rock, to Latin fusion, to Bollywood, to EDM, Trap, House, and Club Remixes – our DJ’s are specifically vetted and hand-picked to bring the ultimate musicianship to the turntables.

Showman (MC)

DoItALL Showman (MC’s) are professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of every event. Our Showman (MC’s) are trained and understand all variables to properly run a structured timeline, liaison with all vendors, and can adapt with your audience to capture their attention. DoItALL Showman (MC’s) know how to react accordingly to your event, no matter what situation arises, they know how to keep the energy alive and the party going at all times. The Showman (MC) controls the atmosphere of your event and makes sure your guests know why they are attending your special day. DON’T LEAVE IT TO AN AMATEUR OR YOUR DJ, a DoItALL Showman (MC) is a must have at your event to take care of the people!


An Event Planning Specialist, is not only personable to anybody they work with, but understand the logistics of everything that needs to happen to make your day as special as you want it to be. Not only do they coordinate with you and the staff working your day, but they essentially see your event in your eyes, how you want it to be seen, and execute actions as if it were you making the decisions. What makes a DoItALL Event Specialist unique, is the creativity they love to inspire, molding your vision and making it brighter and more effective, without breaking your bank account. Alleviate the headaches that can arise in planning your event, and let us create your dream event for you!


Lighting can enhance and energize any venue and is one of the most important element in providing the desired ambience for your event. Our Event Lighting fits any budget. Our designers will help you outline your vision and create your own custom design for your event. Our Event lighting options include: – Uplighting – Intelligent Lighting – Dance floor Effect Lighting (Lasers, Strobes, Fog, OH MY!) – Pin Spot Lighting – LED Dance floors/Video Walls/DJ Booths – Star Light Dance Floors – Custom Monogram


DoItALL Entertainment provides the highest quality when it comes to audio/visual equipment. When understanding your variables and expectations, our Technical Specialists know what exactly it takes to execute your event successfully. All you and the guest hear is clean and controlled sound, adjusting to the acoustics of the room, with distinct clear visuals. When it comes to enjoying any video presentations, long visual effects, or video mixing… our LED flat screens, Video Walls or projector screens will be the ideal visual element. No matter the size of the venue, DoItALL provides you High-definition clarity.


A wonderful side attraction to keep your extra guests entertained throughout the night is our state of the art Mirror Orbis Photo Booth! Presenting an enchanting mirror like booth, equipped with a roped off red carpet, and various props. This interactive and customizable feature can ‘mirror’ the theme of your event and provide various elements, photo options, displays, custom signatures and emoji’s, and dozens of games for your guests to engage in. When photo booths are a dime a dozen, get the photo booth that really stands out!


DoItALL Entertainment brings you the most state-of-the-art party packages you can ever experience.. And now the team introduces The ALL NEW DoItALL Silent Disco! Technologically superior from the competition, this brand new system is a HI-FI RF headphone system where up to 3 DJs/Audio Elements can play simultaneously on color-designated channels directly to each wireless headphone! The listener can switch and choose to which color-channel to listen with full volume control. The headphones have a 360° LED color band that glow to the color that’s being listened to live, so every person knows which channel people are jamming to!

Compared to standard systems, the DoItALL Silent Disco can transmit on a higher than average radio frequency range that brings full, complete sound. So every user can feel the sound coming through their headphones.




DoIt All Entertainment was great to work with during our wedding planning and definitely on the day of our event!  Our wedding reception got off to a very delayed start because of a transportation issue we ran into with our out-of-town guests, so we had to shorten and/or speed up the introductions, speeches and ceremonial activities at the last minute so that we could get through everything for our reception.  Given all of that mess and delay, Timmy and Sanu were really great to work with and completely made it easy to switch up the program at the last minute!  They were extremely professional and made our evening a lot less stressful, and considering how late everything was running, I felt that they kept things moving so easily and smoothly and they definitely got the party started on the dance floor in a timely manner, and essentially they saved our reception from being a debacle!!  I’ve been to plenty of other wedding receptions that Do It All Entertainment have done and it’s a always a good times when these guys are spinning, because they play a solid mix of old school and new school songs, and Indian songs.  I would definitely recommend Do It All Entertainment for your next party/reception, I am 100% sure they will take care of you and your guests!

Anuraj and Joly

Knowing Jibu my whole life, I wanted him to MC our wedding and bring a personal touch from a “brother’s” perspective.  Little did I know what I was getting myself (us) into!  Our expectation was for him to introduce family, say a few jokes, and just ensure that folks paid attention.  His deliverable was so much more.  He coordinated entertaining games, kept our guests laughing and truly engaged, and made it all so personalized to us with his quips!  Jibu was the talk of the wedding reception.  He stole the show and had everyone asking me who the MC was and if he was available for other events.  Even our DJ, who was hesitant to have a family member MC, asked Jibu if he wanted to work for him! In addition to MC’ing our wedding, Jibu helped with the coordination the day of and before our wedding.  He did this without us really even asking. He took care of all the little details that we weren’t able to get to – working with the DJ on music selection, directing staff on site, taking care of final payments, etc.  With his maniacal attention to detail, his ability to command a room, and his sense of personal excellence we look back on our wedding with happiness and delight!  It was a stress-free day because of him!

Ancy and Benny Joseph

DoItAll Entertainment (AKA. Scratch Productionz) helped us with our wedding many years ago.  They had a big part in making it a fun and memorable night for us and all our guests.   Our banquet hall was fairly large to accommodate all our 700+ guests.  We were very much concerned about the sound before the banquet.  But Timmy & Sanu checked out the place with us and provided the right equipment to get proper coverage for the room.   Their solid mix of New , Old School, Hindi & Malayalam music pleased the guests w/out disappointing anyone!!! Will certainly recommend to anyone and have recommended to many family/friends since our wedding.

Vipin and Bini